A quick search of the internet confirms what we all know. The Do Not Call Registry is a failure but, having passed the original bill, congress pretends that it has done its job and ignores the continuing problem. There are more holes in the present system than in a Swiss cheese and the government web sites only give instruction on how to report illegal calls. Of course most of the robocalls are perfectly legal, just annoying. The government sites just ignore this far larger problem as though the elephant doesn’t exist. Some non-governmental sites do give information on how to block individual callers but why not improve the law? Are our politicians reluctant to lose their “right” to invade the privacy of our homes when the next election comes around? Or don’t they want to offend the “research” and other “this is not a sales call” business interests?
There is a solution. It is prohibited to use an automatic dialer to call cell phone numbers, why not land lines too?