I was just listening to Rep. King sounding off about Iran again and demanding sanctions. Don’t he and his ilk realize how insulting they are being, or are they only concerned with politics? Iran is Persia, the oldest great power in western Asia; the land “of the Medes and the Persians whose law changeth not.”. Every time he or Netanyahu open their mouths to speak of Iran they speak as though it is a third world country that they can humiliate at will. This only makes the Iranians dig in. Yes, Iran wants the bomb, but no, they can’t use it on Israel without killing a bunch of coreligionists in and around Israel and without polluting their own holy places. Iran wants to be treated with respect, not be constantly insulted. In the world today that means having a nuclear weapon as do Israel, India, China, North Korea, and Pakistan. How I wish Ike Eisenhower had been able to persuade the Soviets to put the damn things under international control. Until, that happens however, one should recall the words of the king in The King And I : “Unless someday somebody trust somebody they’ll be nothing left on earth excepting fishes.” A little less knee jerk anger and suspicion and a more positive approach to an ancient people might do wonders. No. I haven’t forgotten how Jimmy Carter was willing to be humiliated by Khomeini in a search for middle east peace. Don’t get me started on what I think should have been done about Iran then. Yet that was then and now is now. Much as I’d like to hold onto my anger it would serve no purpose. I recommend a NY Times article by David Patrikarakos: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/09/opinion/iran-from-enemy-to-ally.html . As with the Khomeini business, life moves on and there is nothing to be gained by perpetuating the present deadlock. If everyone downplayed the nuclear aspect, with improved relations the problem might solve itself. In ten or so years, Iran might decide that it doesn’t need to prove its importance by having a useless weapon. Guys like King and Netanyahu need to think in terms of decades and centuries and in terms of seeking a long term peace, not constant confrontation and some sort of victory.