President Obama admits that the USA has no policy in place regarding ISIS. That’s unusually frank, true and, regrettably, as things must be. ISIS is a hydra or whack a mole. Knock it down and the fundamentalists will just pop up in another guise. The only way to obliterate these militants is to eliminate the fundamentalist mentality preached worldwide by extremist mullahs. These are more or less free to spread their doctrine of anti secularism in the West, protected by European law, and in the Islamic world because even those governments which hate them are afraid to take on the challenge. A few decades ago it was nearly mandatory to denigrate the crusaders and the later colonialism of the Western countries. Fact is however, that at least the first crusade was a response to Muslims killing any Christian pilgrim who dared to visit his holy places. Whatever the faults of colonialism, Christianity did not teach that one should simply be grateful to God for whatever miserable existence you had been born to and thank him five times a day for it. What’s to be done? As Obama realizes but dare not say. there is no answer, no policy, but time. Meanwhile we can only respond here and there to punish those who actually threaten us. I firmly believe that in time education in the widest sense of that term will have some effect. It is popular television and the internet, not governments, which will marginalize the fundamentalist Muslims just as it is marginalizing fundamentalist Christianity in the West.